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WordPress Designer (preview my resume)

Cathy Zhang 张凯茜 WordPress Designer.

I used to be a Marketing Specialist before coming to Canada. I had 6 years’ experience in planning, scheduling and supervising comprehensive marketing programs involving a wide range of distribution, business partners, technical support, media and sales channels.
After immigration to Canada, I focus my strength on Data Management while working as a Database Administrator. I hold certificates in Microsoft SQL Server – Database Development and SAS Base Program, specializing in data collection, cleaning, analysis and reporting. Besides focusing on back-end database, I began to invest more time on front-end application. So I become a WordPress designer.

A good application should have an user-friendly interface with built-in validation and logic in order to enable DBA to do analysis and reporting easily without putting much effort on cleaning the incomplete and illogical data. I finished the Interactive Media Management program in Algonquin College and graduated as being in the Dean’s Honors List for outstanding academic achievement.

I began to build WordPress websites using Bootstrap, PHP and JavaScript. Database knowledge has helped me dig more into the correlation between front-end design and back-end database, both of which are equally important in the web development process. Becoming a full stack developer and WordPress designer seems an exciting path.

My husband is an economist in Global Affairs. My daughter is in Grade 6 and my son is in Grade 3.  View my website Cathy Zhang 张凯茜 Portfolio website for more details or go to Portfolio section on this website to view my works.

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Web Development

PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Database Management

10 years' experience in data collection, cleaning, analysis and reporting

WordPress Design

Experienced in WordPress design from scratch


I love to use WordPress and Bootstrap to build website and found it convenient to use Bootstrap as the styling framework for a WordPress theme. Bootstrap provides me effective tools to do theme development. Thousands of JavaScript/jQuery plugins are already integrated with Bootstrap. There are huge amounts of online tutorials, demos, forums, etc. on explaining how to integrate Bootstrap with WordPress. I am always able to find answers on the internet when I have issue doing web design and development. It is important that WordPress designers have their own well-designed and thoroughly-thought template for use as a starting point for their projects.

Contact me to discuss any web design and development issues and share your tips.

The following is my website projects built from scratch. Please feel free to log in and publish posts. There are notes and user instruction on the webpage